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Based on the mariculture economy, Penha stands out as the largest producer of selfish in Brazil. Other sources that provide for the municipalities are fishing and tourism. Penha has a population of 17 000 inhabitants, and in-season this number rises to 100 000.

What attracts tourists the most to Penha are the exquisitely beautiful beaches. Praia Alegre, considered the most peaceful, offers a wide range of sand, hundred-year-old trees and a decorative lighting on the shore. Other beaches that delight the tourists are: Praia da Armação, Armação do Itapocoroy, da Saudade, do Quilombo, da Fortaleza, do Manguinho, da Cancela, da Paciência, São Roque, Vermelha, Grande, never forgetting Ilha Feia, which is 20 minutes by boat from the shore, bordering Piçarras.

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  • Beach Alegre
  • Balneário de Penha
  • Beach Grande
  • Bacia da Vovó
  • Beach do Quilombo

Pousada Pedra da Ilha – Rua Abraão João Francisco, 46 – Praia Alegre – Penha - SC / Informações e Reservas (47) 3261-8100 / 9652-3797

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