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Architectural project designed by Pablo J. Vailatti, architect from PJV Arquitetura, and founding partner of Pousada Pedra da Ilha.

We were thinking about a very simple architecture. The apartment building was designed on two floors and built in structural masonry making use of the repetition of the floor plans, while the existing house was renovated and transformed into a living area for the Inn.

The place is extremely beautiful. Direct accessible to beach and sea, it is marked by the horizon and the islands up ahead outlined by a large hill on its right side and a canal that divides one city from the other. We knew then that the project would stand out.

A large hallway, giving access to rooms. is delimited by a large colonnade, made of eucalyptus trunks, which directs the guest to the pool, the beach and the sea.

The architecture of this aims at being cozy. It seems to provide the guest, responsible for the existence of this project, with a quiet, inviting and a place that makes him feel at home.

Natural materials were chosen: stone floors, wooden floors, and a structure in eucalypt and cover in straw highlight its visual identity. The closures of glass in the coffee lounge and reading room try to integrate the internal spaces with the space outside, the latter marked by the kiosks, the trees and the green.

In the last expansion, a large emptiness was designed, formatted from the deployment of two new apartment buildings, resulting in a large square that doubles as an entry lobby for new apartments. The spatial quality is the main feature of this site, which by its height of 12m, is highly naturally ventilated and lit.

Pablo José Vailatti was the main architect responsive for the project from office PJV Architecture.

The office is located in the town of Penha - SC, in the cover of this article.

PJV Arquitetura

Pousada Pedra da Ilha – Rua Abraão João Francisco, 46 – Praia Alegre – Penha - SC / Informações e Reservas (47) 3261-8100 / 9652-3797

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